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1. How many mobile users will scan in your warehouses and vans in total?

WARNING: Existing scanners might not be able to support the DotCode format depending on the manufacturer and version. Honeywell recommends newer devices for TPD compliance. In cases where few scans are projected, commodity hardware such as iOS devices or Android devices are also supported.

Online connection is required in order to send the TPD transactions to the EU Repositories System.

Clarification: You will only need mobile printers if you send aggregation messages to the EU (optional) . You would normally send aggregation messages during picking, so that for example outers that were packed in a mixed box can be aggregated so that they become “children” of the box which then becomes the “parent” in the hierarchy. Aggregating and creating a hierarchy has the advantage that in later processes like for example dispatch, arrivals or trans-loading you only need to scan the highest level of the hierarchy (in our example the mixed box) and not the outers any more; hence operational savings are substantial when aggregation is done.

We provide documentation in your local language available online describing the set up / configuration processes as well as a user manual detailing the usage of the solution. Nevertheless implementing Track&Trace operationally is a change management process that sometimes requires extra attention

As part of EU TPD, invoices, orders and payments (also known as transactional messages) need to be sent to the EU tied to the unique identifiers of the products sold. We offer multiple ways varying in complexity to achieve this funtionallity.

By default, the solution stores your transactions for 1 month in the Honeywell Movilizer Cloud in order to extract reports or recall messages. This data retention policy can be extended.