________ How TPD will impact current processes

Actions for distributors and wholesalers to achieve compliance

Your Supplier

Your central warehouse

Your headquarter office / admin

Your customers

1. Request EOIDs and FID (one-off)

Request the Economic Operators IDs (EOIDs) and the Facility IDs (FIDs) from the corresponding ID Issuer. First for yourself and then for all your customers. The videos below explain the process.

2. Scan ALL Product Movements

After the 19th of May, you will need to scan the product codes at Arrival of goods (aggregated codes only), during pick and pack processes (creating new aggregations if required) and at dispatch of prepared goods (again only aggregated codes). If goods are returned to you by the customer, they will also need to be scanned.
Your van sales reps will have to scan their product movements, as well as your truck drivers if they do trans-loading (aggregated codes only).
You only need to scan. Our solution takes care of the reporting.

3. Report ALL Transactions

Transactional documents need to be reported also. This means that any orders from customers, the subsequent invoices and even the payments need to be reported to the EU. You will be able to do this comfortably and even automatically (optional) from our TPD Portal as explained in the videos below.